First Dental Visit

It is important for your child to see a dentist at around one year of age or within six months of getting their first tooth.


How to prepare for the first visit:

  • Have your child practise opening his or her mouth wide so that you can count your child’s teeth. Using a small spoon to pull back the cheek can help children anticipate what the mouth mirror will feel like
  • Read books about visiting an oral health professional with your child
  • Watch a video about going to a dental appointment
  • Avoid talking about negative experiences that you may have had at the dental office as a child

What to expect at the first visit:

  • Your child will take a ride in the chair, either on their own or in their parent’s or caregiver’s lap
  • Your child will be given sunglasses to wear so that the dentist can position the light over your child’s mouth
  • The dentist will wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs
  • The dentist will likely use only a mirror to examine your child’s mouth· The dentist will show you how to keep your child’s mouth clean
  •  X-rays are unlikely to be recommended unless there is a significant concern

At this visit, you will find out:

  • if you’re doing a good job of keeping your child’s teeth clean at home
  • if your child’s teeth are developing normally
  • if there are any issues that need to be addressed


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