Oral Surgery / Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

A specialty of medicine and dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, surgical treatment, and management of diseases and disorders of the face and jaws.

Removal of Wisdom Tooth

Your wisdom teeth are the last ones to erupt in your mouth and they are usually partially emerged and sometimes they don’t come out at all. Sometimes they may give you problems such as pain, repeated infection, gum disease, tooth decay and may cause decay of the adjacent tooth. To remove this tooth, we need to do a minor surgery to remove it because the tooth cannot come out with a simple extraction.

Mouth Cancer Screening

We offer mouth cancer screening here as mouth cancer can be unnoticed in our mouth for a long time. You are at risk of getting mouth cancer if you drink alcohol, smoke (tobacco)-cigarette/pipe, chew ‘sireh’ or betel nut or have any family history of cancer. It may start as a non-healing ulcer, white and red patches over your inner cheek, underneath your tongue, floor of the mouth, palate or any other site in the mouth. We will examine you and educate you on how to do self-examination later.


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